The Women's Fund


  1. Commitment to data ensures that problems are illuminated and targeted solutions are uncovered—so we really understand the community we seek to impact.
  2. Grantmaking is data-informed. We act in partnership with nonprofit organizations working in our strategic priority areas: basic needs, economic sustainability, education, health, safety and leadership.
  3. We understand that philanthropy can only go so far.  We use data to educate the community and train leaders about the issues that impact women.
  4. Collective giving means that your dollar goes further, has more impact, and changes more lives. We can do more when we do it together. 
  5. Voice.  Every donor to the Women’s Fund has a say in how our resources are deployed through an annual vote. 

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The Women’s Fund at Austin Community Foundation educates, engages and inspires giving to improve the lives of women and children in our community. The Women's Fund has infused more than $1,400,000 into our community through grants to nonprofits working to improve the lives of women and children.

We believe that when women are economically secure, safe, and healthy, then families and communities are economically secure, safe, and healthy.

Inspired by this guiding framework, the Women’s Fund employs a data-driven approach to grantmaking, educational programming and leadership development.


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